Alexandria DUI Lawyer

An Alexandria DUI lawyer can represent you if you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Your attorney can help you to fight the administrative suspension of your driver’s license that occurs automatically in Virginia if you refuse a BAC test or if you are arrested for DUI and deliver a breath sample of 0.08 or higher.  He or she can also represent you in court and when dealing with prosecutors after a receiving a criminal charge. Call today to contact an attorney in Alexandria with experience dealing with DUIs.

Anyone accused of driving impaired must be treated as innocent until proven guilty of DUI, even if blood alcohol concentration is at or above the legal limit of .08 percent.  A DUI lawyer in Alexandria can help you to ensure that no evidence obtained in violation of your rights is used to convict you. Your lawyer can also help you to identify defenses, petition to get charges dropped if there is not enough evidence, and present a compelling case to a jury to fight for a not guilty verdict.

DUI Laws in Alexandria

All drivers operating a motor vehicle are required by implied consent laws to undergo a chemical test in Virginia.  However, police can test a driver only if they have reasonable articulable suspicion for the initial traffic stop and probable cause to arrest the driver.  Drivers are permitted to refuse a field sobriety test and a handheld breath test, although refusal of field sobriety tests can be used against you depending on the reasons for the refusal.

When a chemical test shows a BAC above the limit or a driver refuses to take a test, this leads to an automatic administrative suspension of a driver’s license, even before a court finds the driver guilty of drunk driving. An Alexandria DUI attorney can help fight against this automatic suspension of the right to drive.

A defendant also must go to court to respond to charges of impaired driving. Criminal charges can be pursued even if a motorist was not over the BAC limit, if the prosecutor believes there is credible evidence the motorist was too intoxicated to drive. An Alexandria DUI lawyer can help present a defense in trial to avoid conviction or can talk to a prosecutor assigned to a DUI case to try to negotiate a plea agreement that results in minimal penalties or reduced charges.

Possible Penalties for DUI

Penalties for a DUI offense are established in Virginia Code Section 18.2-270. A defendant who is convicted of drunk driving could face a $250 fine and one-year license suspension for a first offense with a BAC of .08 to less than .15. A BAC above this level or a history of repeat offenses can result in more serious penalties including a mandatory minimum jail sentence and the indefinite revocation of a license. These penalties can be avoided if you can secure a not guilty verdict by introducing reasonable doubt about guilt.

How an Alexandria DUI Lawyer Can Help

An Alexandria DUI lawyer can review the circumstances of your arrest to help determine if law enforcement acted improperly. Illegally obtained evidence may be suppressed and, in some cases, charges will be dropped due to lack of evidence.

Defenses can also be presented in court, including questioning the accuracy of BAC testing.  Talk to an Alexandria DUI lawyer about the options available to you and learn how an experienced attorney can put his legal knowledge to work to help you make strategic choices when dealing with your DUI charges.  Call today to learn more.