Alexandria Sex Offender Registry

Sexual offenses are considered extremely serious in Alexandria. Any person who is convicted of such a crime may be placed on the Alexandria sex offender registry. Outside of legal consequences, a sex crime conviction may have extensive ramifications on a person’s livelihood. Depending on the type of offense, a person could face restrictions on their living arrangement, employment, and may also incur a strong social stigma. If you or a family member was accused of any type of sexually based offense, consider speaking with an experienced sex crimes lawyer. They could review the factors surrounding the allegation and work to fight the charges. Call and schedule an appointment for a legal consultation as soon as possible.

The Sex Offender Registry

To be placed on the Alexandria sex offender registry, a person must reside in Alexandria and be convicted of a sex crime. This database is a statewide entity that is monitored and managed in Virginia by the Virginia state police. On the Virginia code and the Virginia state police website, there is a long list of statutes that explain which convictions may require a person to register as a sex offender in Alexandria. In most cases, the registration is lifelong and permanent. As a result, someone who is charged with a sex crime should consult with an aggressive sex crimes lawyer who can examine the case and help refute the charges to preserve both their rights and their future.

Levels of the Sex Offender Registry

Generally, a convicted person may be placed on the Alexandria sex offender registry as either a violent or non-violent offender. The vast majority of cases fall into the violent category. The only time a case may qualify someone as a non-violent offender is possession of certain types of child pornography and things of that nature. However, any sexual offense involving contact between two individuals such as the complainant and the accused is typically categorized as a violent offense.

Public Access to the Sex Offender Database

The sex offender registry is readily available to the public. Anyone with a computer and internet connection may access the sex offender registry in Alexandria. There are several ways a person could search the database. One way involves typing in a zip code or inputting a name. Another way of accessing could be through entering an address. When the address is processed by the computer, a map typically pops up showing all of the people registered on the database living in the area. Furthermore, a person could simply search a person’s name in the database to view if they are registered as a sex offender. In short, the registry is highly public.

Impact of Sex Offender Registration

When an individual is on the sex offender registry, their name shows up when someone looks for sex offenders in their area. That could make living in a neighborhood or community somewhat uncomfortable for the person who is a convicted sex offender, especially if they turned their life around. People still know about the individual’s past and may judge them by it.

Additionally, potential employers have access to that information. A person’s criminal history shows up when a background check is done and most employers gravitate towards individuals with clean records. As a result, registration could make it more difficult for a person to secure or maintain gainful employment.

Consulting an Attorney About the Sex Offender Registry in Alexandria

If you or a family member has been accused of a sex crime, reach out to a qualified sex crimes lawyer. There are many severe legal and social consequences following a conviction for such an offense that could be detrimental to a person’s future. Obtaining legal counsel who is well-versed in legal procedures surrounding sexually based offenses may significantly improve a person’s ability to succeed in court. Schedule an appointment to learn about the Alexandria sex offender registry and how to combat an accusation.