Role of an Alexandria Sex Crimes Lawyer

Committing any type of sexual assault or offense that has a sexual nature can lead to significant legal consequences. A person who is charged with such an offense should learn about the role of an Alexandria sex crimes lawyer and how it could positively influence their case. Contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer and ask to schedule an appointment. They could examine the facts surrounding the allegation and work to establish a credible defense.

Beginning the Defense Process

Developing a legal defense can begin as soon as a person is placed under arrest. When a person is charged with a sex crime they should refrain from speaking to law enforcement or the prosecution before consulting with skilled legal representation. Any statement made to the prosecution or the police could be used against an accused person in the future. It is important for a person to protect their rights, discuss potential legal options, and learn how to defend their case in court properly. Attending a court hearing or issuing a statement without appropriate measures of preparation could significantly damage a person’s ability to succeed in court.

Building a Legally Valid Defense Strategy

A criminal defense attorney can help prepare a person for such appearances in court by listening to their side of the story, investigate the complainant’s claims, review the police report, and research potential legal solutions that may enrich an individuals defense strategy. When learning about the alleged incident from the perspective of an accused person, a lawyer might attempt to corroborate the claim by examining emails, text messages, or video surveillance. Furthermore, an attorney could request evidence from the police and interview alleged witnesses to more fully inform their role as an Alexandria sex crimes lawyer.

Additionally, a dedicated attorney who is well-versed in investigating sex crimes allegations could assess the police and prosecutions methods of gathering evidence. In some cases, a person’s rights may have been violated or the evidence may have been obtained illegally. A lawyer could argue against the admission of evidence and potentially file a motion to suppress it.

Private Law Firm vs. Public Defender

While¬†public defenders work hard and are passionate about their cause, they often have limited time and resources. Most public defenders have multiple clients and massive caseloads which can make it difficult to devote enough time and attention to each case. A private law firm could contribute many quality resources and time to a person’s case, as they typically have more control over their schedule. The role of an Alexandria sex crimes lawyer is important and a person who faces such charges should retain the legal services of an attorney that can aggressively fight for their rights.

Learn About the Role of a Sex Crimes Lawyer in Alexandria

If you were accused of a sex crime, it may be extremely beneficial to gain insight into the role of an Alexandria sex crimes lawyer. A conviction for a sex offense may lead to substantial personal and legal consequences. In addition to jail time, a person typically is required to register as a sex offender. This registration is completely accessible to the general public and as a result, a convicted person may experience problems obtaining employment or securing living arrangements. Call and schedule an appointment with a trusted sex crimes attorney.