Fairfax Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Even if you were never in possession of a drug or controlled substance you may still be charged with drug conspiracy in Virginia as long as prosecutors believe you made an agreement with intent to. As a result it is important that if you are charged with this offense you consult with a Fairfax drug conspiracy lawyer to help. A drug attorney in Fairfax can help by employing a variety of offenses to disprove the prosecutor’s theory. Call today to discuss your case.

Drug Conspiracy Explained

Drug-conspiracy charges are charges that a person has made an agreement with another person to either possess or distribute an illegal drug. It is a thought crime and therefore, conspiracy charges do not require the actual completion of the crime. By way of an example, if two people agree to acquire some cocaine to try to sell on the streets and they plan that enterprise together, then those individuals would be guilty of conspiring to distribute that cocaine, even if they never actually went through with it.

That is how conspiracy is different from other drug offenses, because it actually does not require the completion of the crime. It does not require possession of any drug. It does not require anything other than the agreement between the two of us to engage in criminal activity. These charges are considered very serious because the government really only needs to simply prove the existence of the agreement and that in and of itself is a felony and warrants attention from an experienced drug conspiracy lawyer in Fairfax.

What Needs to be Proven in a Drug Conspiracy Case

All they need to prove is the agreement. They do not have to prove action. There are some conspiracy statutes that require substantial action for the conspiracy, but that is not true in Virginia drug-conspiracy cases. They will literally only need to prove there was an agreement between two people to commit a crime which makes contacting a Fairfax drug lawyer with experience all the more necessary.

Fairfax Conspiracy Investigations

Drug-conspiracy cases use things like wire taps or search warrants to obtain computer records which might include emails, or search cell phones which might include text messages between the conspirators. In almost every case they need to have some evidence aside from the testimonial evidence because the members of the conspiracy are not talking.

Now, in cases where law enforcement makes an arrest and one of the conspirators begins to cooperate with the government in an effort to get a better sentence, then they may not need all that other evidence because they can have testimony of the co-conspirator at trial.

Can You Be Charged With Both Conspiracy and The Underlying Offense?

Yes, and in fact that is very often done when the police believe there are multiple people involved in the sale or possession of drugs, because in relation to other types of crimes, conspiracy is easy to prove. All they have to do is prove the existence of an agreement. They never need to prove that the underlying offenses even occurred.

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Due to the severity of this offense and how it is typically charged in Virginia, it is imperative you seek the counsel of a Fairfax drug conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible after you are charged. Call today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.