Fairfax Drug Trafficking Lawyer

The Virginia code of crimes and offenses prohibits several activities pertaining to drugs and controlled substances, including selling, distributing, and manufacturing. These are all serious offenses, but one of the most serious drug-related offenses prohibited by law is drug trafficking.

A Fairfax drug trafficking lawyer could provide legal assistance if you have been charged with drug trafficking.

An experienced drug crimes attorney in Fairfax could work on your case in several ways. For instance, an attorney could possibly fight to have the charges reduced if you unknowingly transported a controlled substance into Fairfax on behalf of someone else and you had no intent to sell or distribute that substance. An attorney could also protect your constitutional rights, including your right to due process.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Fairfax

Transporting illicit drugs and controlled substances into Fairfax constitutes drug trafficking under Virginia Code, Crimes and Offenses ยง18.2-248.01. The law prohibits transport by any means with the intent to sell or distribute any of the following controlled substances:

  • Five pounds or more of marijuana
  • One ounce or more of cocaine or a derivative
  • One ounce or more of any Schedule I or II drug

A Fairfax drug trafficking attorney could answer questions about what types of controlled substances are listed in Schedules I and II under The Drug Control Act of Virginia. An attorney could also work to develop a defense to drug trafficking charges for individuals facing prosecution.

Legal Penalties for Drug Trafficking

A violation of the drug trafficking laws in Fairfax is considered to be a separate and distinct felony with its own penalties upon conviction. That means the offense of drug trafficking has not been identified as a particular class of felony. It has been placed in its own separate and distinct class.

Six classes of felonies are outlined in the Virginia code of crimes and offenses, and specific punishments are prescribed for each felony class. The maximum possible penalty that can be handed down is death, which is reserved for certain types of Class 1 felonies. Other Class 1 felonies are punishable by life in prison.

The legal penalty upon conviction for drug trafficking into Fairfax is a prison sentence of five to 40 years and a fine of $1,000,000 or less. Individuals with prior convictions for drug trafficking could receive the maximum possible penalty if convicted of drug trafficking a subsequent time. A drug trafficking lawyer in Fairfax could answer questions regarding the potential penalties for first-time convictions versus subsequent ones.

Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is another possible legal penalty that can be imposed on individuals charged with or convicted of drug trafficking in Fairfax. Under the law, the state has the legal authority to seize any assets connected to drug trafficking, such as the vehicle used to transport controlled substances. The law allows seized assets to be sold with the proceeds going to local or state law enforcement agencies.

Talk to a Fairfax Drug Trafficking Attorney Today

Drug trafficking in Fairfax is a serious offense, but a Fairfax drug trafficking lawyer could possibly defend you against the charges. Being represented by a lawyer could potentially improve your chances of obtaining a more favorable outcome in your case.

An attorney could help you decide if it is in your best interest to fight the charges or to work out a plea agreement for a possible reduction or dismissal of charges. Speak with a Fairfax drug trafficking attorney about your case as soon as possible.