Unique Aspects of Shoplifting in Virginia

Shoplifting is a subsection within theft that has a variety of unique factors that can influence the outcome of a case. Like any other theft case, shoplifting also has serious penalties and consequences. A dedicated shoplifting attorney can assist their client is building a strong defense case.

When you are building a defense for shoplifting charges, consult a knowledgeable shoplifting lawyer. An attorney can fight the charges and work with you during this process. Since there are unique aspects of shoplifting in Virginia, it is important to hire a dedicated lawyer.

Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting does not include theft of money or theft of services; it is truly theft of merchandise from a retail outlet. Because the crime itself of shoplifting is so narrowly tailored, they must also use narrowly tailored defenses in order to target the government’s evidence. Most notably, they have to challenge whether or not the person intended to steal the item and they need to focus on whether or not they went past what iscalled the last point of sale which is the last point in which a person can actually pay for items that left the store.

Court Considerations

Anytime a person is charged with an offense that involves a crime of moral turpitude, the person really need to have a lawyer by their side because the crime of moral turpitude such as theft or fraud or anything like that will tell anybody that does a background check that the person is potentially not a person to be trusted. It certainly will cast in doubt the person’s ability to be trusted. It is going to be an uphill battle for the person literally for the rest of the person’s life to get a job or to get a loan or anything else that requires an acceptance of trust. There are unique aspects of shoplifting and an attorney can help a person restore their reputation.

An arraignment in Virginia is a nonadversarial process by which a person is advised of what they are charged with and given a court date and told that they have a right to an attorney. If a person has hired an attorney before their arraignment, most jurisdictions will allow the person to waive the requirement to appear at an arraignment because the court will know if they have already hired an attorney, that they are aware of the charges, aware of their rights to have an attorney and the person will know what their court date is. Hiring a lawyer should be able to obviate the need to even appear at the arraignment.

Contacting a Lawyer

A person should contact an attorney if they are charged with shoplifting right away. The number one reason is that a lot of the retail establishments have surveillance footage of what went on but they do not always preserve it. The person needs to get an attorney to write a letter.

A person should contact a Virginia shoplifting attorney right away. If the person wants that video preserved, the person needs to have their attorney write a letter to that establishment right away. A lot of times, they only keep it for thirty days. If a person wants that video preserved, especially if the person thinks it is going to show they are innocent, then the person needs to do something affirmatively to make that happen and an attorney will know exactly how to do that for them.

If you are facing shoplifting charges, you should contact an attorney immediately. Since there are unique aspects of shoplifting in Virginia, it can be a complicated process. You will want a dedicated attorney to help you prepare for the hearing and fight the charges and evidence.