What To Do During Virginia Traffic Stops

When someone is pulled over by a member of law enforcement, they may be completely unaware as to why. Speaking with a distinguished traffic attorney can help give you peace of mind should your stop be followed by criminal charges. A lawyer can help you prepare or understand what to do during Virginia traffic stops and how to communicate with law enforcement. After your stop they could speak with law enforcement on your behalf, should you choose to contest any charges against you.

What are Furtive Movements?

Furtive movements are any movement that can be interpreted as a form obstruction and can hinder the outcome of one’s case. Avoid reaching under their seat and into console or glove box. Avoid doing any reaching. Do not reach for anything until the officer acknowledges them, they can tell the officer what they are doing, and the officer can see them doing it.

Providing Information During a Traffic Stop

A lot of people have their registration in their glove box or in their console and may reach for it. The officer will give them an opportunity to get it. However, part of what to do during Virginia traffic stops includes waiting for the officer to ask before reaching for information such as a license and registration. It is important for the driver to keep their hands where they can be seen until the officer acknowledges that they are not a threat.

The key is whenever a person is in doubt, imagine that the officer will shoot them the moment they feel threatened. If they think that the officer will shoot them the moment they feel threatened, it will automatically curtail their movements so they do not do anything to threaten that officer or make that officer feel threatened. People live in a different age. They just want to make sure they get home.

How to Handle Night Time Stops

What to do during Virginia traffic stops may depend on the time of day one is stopped. If a driver is pulled over at night, they should roll down their window, keep their hands where the officer can see them. Wait for the officer to approach and then, depending on what the officer says, make sure that they are okay with reaching to grab things, whether it is a registration or license. Make sure the officer is okay that they are reaching, pulling, grabbing, or searching for anything.

Steps to Avoid When Being Stopped by an Officer


A person does not have to answer the officer’s question. When learning about what to do during Virginia traffic stops, the most important thing to do is provide the officer with their license and registration. Anything a person says to the police officer can and will be used against them in court.


Avoid reaching under the seat or in the glove box without the officer’s permission. Avoid making any furtive movements. Avoid being too familiar with the officer. Do not hop out of the car and start running at the police officer. Just sit in the vehicle with their hands up or on the steering wheel with fingers spread.