Hiring an Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are facing sex crime allegations, there is much at stake for you. It is not easy to endure the legal process of sex offense cases, so hiring an Alexandria sex crimes attorney could help alleviate some of your burden. A criminal defense attorney could fight for a positive resolution to your charges.

What to Look For in an Attorney

The most important quality that a client should look for when retaining an Alexandria sex crimes lawyer is experience. These can be very complicated, difficult, and emotionally taxing cases. Retaining a lawyer who has experience advocating for clients charged with crimes like these is very advantageous, because they will know how to respond to such sensitive matters.

An aggressive and compassionate lawyer could evaluate the merits of the case and try to lighten the defendant’s burdens. Strategies that dismiss trial and aim for plea deals are not always beneficial because the government can tell when a case is not going to trial, and they could offer less as a result.

Being ready to go to trial tends to yield better results for a client who does not need to plead guilty. If they could prove all the elements, the government knows that the defense attorney is prepared and ready to go. Very often, this gives them some concern about risk of litigation and entices them to cut a deal that might be much better.

Should Defendants Speak to Police?

It is advisable to speak to an attorney before answering questions from law enforcement officers in a sex crime case, because in a majority of cases the government can gain a lot of evidence just by talking to the defendant. Speaking to an attorney beforehand allows people to get an idea of the kinds of questions that they might be asked or whether talking to police at all is a good idea.

Under most circumstances, a seasoned attorney would tell people that talking to the police offers them no benefit whatsoever and that they should not do so. Law enforcement can conduct their own investigation without speaking to the defendant. While there are circumstances in which it might be advisable to speak to police, most of the time, attorneys advise against it. People facing a sex crimes case in Alexandria should talk to an experienced lawyer to determine whether speaking to law enforcement is a good idea.

Contact an Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney Today

These types of cases are often very emotionally taxing and controversial, and there is usually a tremendous amount of prison time hanging over the defendant’s head. Navigating these kinds of cases can be difficult, but an Alexandria lawyer experienced with sex crimes cases has the know-how necessary to do so.

Trying cases with high emotionality is a tremendous challenge. When cross-examining an alleged victim in a sex crime case, the defense attorney can walk the fine line between determination and empathy. They would know when to be polite and when to be aggressive on a case by case basis.

If you were charged with a sex offense, hiring an Alexandria sex crimes attorney is a positive next step. Call today to schedule a consultation.