Fairfax Speeding Lawyer

Speeding tickets can add up and cost you more than just your hard earned money. In Fairfax, points can also be added to your driving record for speeding tickets, which can result in possible suspension of your driver’s license if too many points accumulate. Before paying another speeding ticket, speak with a Fairfax speeding lawyer about the possibility of contesting the ticket.

A lawyer could review the circumstances surrounding issuance of a speeding ticket to determine if there are grounds for contesting the ticket. If so, an experienced traffic attorney could help you gather the information needed to challenge the ticket adequately. Successfully contesting a speeding ticket could prevent you from having to pay a fine and help you avoid having more points added to your driving record.

Maximum Speed Limits in Fairfax

The maximum speed limits for different types of roadways in Fairfax are outlined in the Virginia motor vehicle code. According to the vehicle code, the maximum possible speed limit on any roadway in the state is 70 miles per hour.

The maximum speed limit on most highways is 55 miles per hour for motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and busses. For other vehicles, the maximum speed limit on highways is 45 miles per hour. In residential areas and business districts, the maximum speed limit is generally 25 miles per hour.

Drivers exceeding the posted speed limit on any roadway could be issued a speeding ticket. In some cases, individuals driving excessively above the maximum speed limit could possibly also be charged with reckless driving if other persons or property were potentially at risk of being harmed due to the excessive speed. A Fairfax lawyer for speeding could provide legal assistance to individuals who have received speeding tickets or who are facing reckless driving charges.

How Police Determine Speed

Police officers and other law enforcement officers in Fairfax can determine a driver’s speed through several methods, including radar, a laser speed device, a microcomputer device with an odometer cable, or a microcomputer device on a helicopter or airplane. Drivers identified as speeding through any one of these methods could be issued a speeding ticket by police or law enforcement officers.

Potential Penalties for Speeding

The penalties for speeding in Fairfax include a fine and accumulating points on the driving record. The amount of the fine and the number of points added to the driving record varies based on factors such as the area where the driver was speeding, such as residential versus highway, and how much over the speed limit the individual was driving.

For example, a person could be sanctioned with a higher fine and a greater number of points added to the driving record for speeding in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic, such as school zones or residential areas.

Accumulating an excessive number of points on the driving record within a short period of time could result in the driver’s license being suspended or revoked and is likely to affect a driver’s car insurance costs.

A speeding attorney in Fairfax could answer questions about the different possible sanctions for speeding and could possibly assist with contesting a speeding ticket or fighting to have points removed from the driving record.

Speak with a Fairfax Speeding Attorney Today

Some people choose to just pay the fine associated with a speeding ticket and do not try contesting it because they do not believe they will be successful in doing so. Before you pay another speeding ticket, it could be beneficial to have a Fairfax speeding lawyer review your situation. There could possibly be valid grounds for contesting the speeding ticket.

An attorney for speeding could possibly also help you fight to have points removed from your driving record, depending on the circumstances surrounding the issuance of those points. Contact a Fairfax speeding attorney today for assistance with your speeding tickets.